Heritage Home Renovation and Restoration in Vancouver

The Vancouver area is rife with historical residential homes. These homes often have hard-to-find character, and that ‘Vancouver’ style from earlier parts of the last century. However, we know nothing lasts forever; the dated parts of the house eventually need to be replaced or tactfully refurbished.

At TQ Construction, we do heritage home renovations in Vancouver.

We are able to take the existing foundation, frame and features of a heritage home, then keep it’s charm while renewing its many parts. We not only do the necessary fixer-upper jobs; we ensure the home meets up-to-date standards, and comes equipped with features and quality you’d expect in a modern home. All the while, our design team can ensure we’re not deviating from the original heritage contained in the home’s historical value. Restoration of an old home is possible with the comprehensiveness of our procedures, and the care we take during construction. We’re also able to help you navigate the strict rules your city may have for heritage home renovations. See our portfolio of old homes made new again, then tell us the story of the Vancouver heritage home you want to renovate. We’re excited to begin this journey with you!