Award Winning Custom Home Building and Design Build for Metro Vancouver

You are an individual. When it comes to design, selections, and finishes, your busy Vancouver lifestyle requires something special to call your own. You may or may not know exactly what you want. But one thing that is certain in your mind is that you require absolute control over the entire design-build process of building your new custom home. Far too often homeowners in Metro Vancouver report unnecessary and expensive surprises in their new home construction projects.  TQ Construction understands what homeowners face when they begin a new custom home project. To solve these problems, you must have complete insight into your project to make correct decisions. Our transparent and detailed design-build processes enable you to have real-time access to all aspects of your new custom build. We understand the importance of your dreams, and also we do understand the affordability part. Hence, we try our best to offer you custom homes at a reasonable cost. We can navigate the zoning and permitting process for you and can provide a cost-plus construction contract with clearly defined materials, methods, and costs. From concept to construction, we've got you covered.