Exterior Home Renovations and Outdoor Renovations in Metro Vancouver

Curb appeal says it all. When doing an interior redesign of your space, we can’t forget the exterior - especially not on a whole home renovation. Exterior home renovations and outdoor renovations change the feel of your home for sellability, while also giving you a functional area for year-round outdoor living. When outdoor renovation plans coincide with interior renovations, they can be built as seamlessly as possible, with flow-through in and out. This makes it easy to access multiple areas of the home. At TQ Construction, our extensive ‘get to know you’ process considers your future plans, should an exterior home renovation be a wise investment after your other interior projects. Or, as a start, we can work on the restoration of your shingles, paint job, deck, landscaping, or other outdoor features. See our portfolio of amazing outdoor renovation transformations. They can change the way our customers use their home!