Heritage Revival Juxtapose Mid-Century West Coast Modernism

Heritage Revival Juxtapose Mid-Century West Coast Modernism

1930’s heritage home redesign

This 1930’s heritage home needed to be redesigned for compatibility and to reflect not only the history of the neighbourhood, but also that of the home itself.

Vancouver, BC

Whole Home


To improve compatibility of the home within its neighbourhood and cohesion of design within the home itself.


The unused attic was reclaimed and converted into a modernized, newly insulated, comfortable and livable master suite; a new, expanded bathroom was created with better access and vastly improved headroom over the tiny pre-existing shower stall.


Main floor finishing details were brought onto the upper level and all new work matched to the heritage style. Changes to the floor space improved circulation in the bedroom.

Natural materials are showcased in flooring, trim carpentry and doors. Storage, accessory rooms and art displays were incorporated in under-utilized spaces.

Entry was revitalized with a new front door, and energy efficient windows replaced the originals. New insulation was installed throughout the upper floor, behind the new drywall. Low-VOC clear finishes and environmentally-friendly wood trims and floor stains were used.

Project Recognition

CHBA-BC Georgie Award WINNER

  • integrated art display wall
  • natural materials highlited
  • functional main floor
  • energy efficient windows
  • low-VOC finishes